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    Missing fonts - Flash CS4 on Mac

    John Harlequin

      I am installing a new font on my Mac that I have to use for a project I have to start today.  The font installs OK, it works fine in Fireworks and even Word, but doesn't appear in Flash!


      I have used FontNuke to kill off the existing caches (not necessary for Fireworks, but have usually had success doing this in the past) but still no joy.


      What is going on?  It seems to be a frequent problem discussed all over the web, but I can't find a solution that works for me.


      Things I've tried...


      Convert original .TTF to .OTF

      Install as a Computer font, not just a user font

      Start Flash before any other app

      Start Flash after Fireworks



      I really need this to work, HELP PLEASE!!!





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          John Harlequin Level 1

          OK, so this is what I've done to get the fonts to work...


          Restarted Mac in Safe mode (hold down shift while re-booting)

          Then restarted again in regular mode - this resets all the caches - not sure if this was necessary but it's always good to have a clear-out!



          But I think what really fixed it was to remove all my fonts from the MacHD/Library/Fonts/ and MacHD/Users/me/Library/Fonts folders and dump them all in a temporary folder - essentially uninstalling all my fonts.


          I then installed the hitherto troublesome fonts and they worked perfectly in Flash - without restarting and without clearing the cache using Font Nuke.


          What can I conclude:

            Flash and Fireworks use separate font caches.

            Flash seems able to deal with less fonts than Fireworks

            Adobe have been bloody lazy at testing their products


          Why don't they use the Mac caches, surely that's why they are there?


          In all I've wasted 5.5 hours on installing three fonts  -  aargh  - leaving me 3 hours to do a days work  -  aargh


          Anyway, I hope my posting is of use to someone else out there.



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            Thank you sooo much. This problem has been the biggest pain. I removed all my fonts from each font folder and placed then into a temp folder on my desktop. I also deleted fonts.dir, fonts.list, and fonts.scale. Then, I reinstalled the fonts that I needed and it worked. You are a lifesaver.

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              John Harlequin Level 1

              No prob, just spreading the love!

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                Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!


                I was struggling with this for days.

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                  i have had this problem for so long now i was just avoiding using certain fonts in Flash. i had tried EVERYTHING but this solution, which finally worked!

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                    gabadilla Level 1

                    I'm sharing my solution as well so that it might help others out there who are desperate for a solution to fonts not showing up in Flash CS4 (and other versions) on OSX. I've spent so much time reading various message board posts and blog posts about this topic. There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. Hopefully this can help someone out.


                    In my situation, I had been using FontBook for years to install and "manage" my fonts. This meant that all my installed fonts were stored in User/UserName/Library/Fonts . Like most designers, I was managing thousands of fonts. I noticed that a lot of fonts weren't loading in Flash CS3 and later CS4. My solution at the time was to minimize the amount of fonts that I had active (I tried to keep it around ~500) and then do a Font Nuke and pray that they showed up in Flash. I'm sure if you're reading this thread that you can relate to all of the frustrations of getting something so trivial to work in Flash when it works in all other CS applications. This solution worked sporadically at best. This was beginning to affect my design work, because I knew that if I couldn't get a certain font family to load in Flash (despite endless nuking and font installing/reinstalling), that I should avoid using it in my proposed designs. This is a horrible feeling so I sought out a better way.


                    Eventually I made the move to LinoType Font Explorer X (it's free too) to better manage my font library but the problems persisted. From Font Explorer X I could easily clear the System Font cache and the Adobe Caches but fonts didn't always show up as intended. I then noticed that even though I was using Font Explorer X, all my fonts were still residing in User/UserName/Library/Fonts. I decided to move them all out of there and pretty much start from scratch. I moved them all to another folder on my desktop and readded them to the Font Explorer X library and then activated ONLY what I needed. I found that this was the first time that everything worked as I had intended. Even though I had been nuking and using Font Explorer to clear all the caches, the fact that those thousands of fonts were still living in that Library/Fonts folder was messing it all up. Now that folder is empty and things are working properly.


                    My advice: Avoid FontBook and use LinoType Font Explorer X to manage all of your fonts. Remove everything from User/UserName/Library/Fonts and place it into another folder. Import everything to the Font Explorer library and activate only what's needed.

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                      I had the same problem but none of the solutions above worked for me. After nearly going crazy i found a workaround that does the trick for me.


                      I noticed that Flash displays all the Mac system fonts. These fonts are not in your user library (such as MacHD/Users/You/Library/Fonts) but in your computer library that you can find in the root directoy of your mac os x hard drive (so usually that would be Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts).

                      So if you move the font that you need in Flash from your User Library to your Computer Library the font suddenly shows up in Flash.


                      As you can read in the posts above you cannot effectively use fontbook when using flash, which is really a major pain in the ***.


                      Therefore my way of organizing fonts is now to have the basic fonts in the computer library and all the other fonts in the user library. If a needed font doesnt show up in flash i move it from users to the computer library.


                      I hope this helps.