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    Need help on layout aligment :: equivalent of i18n.setAlign("DIR=RTL") in Flex.




      I am doing the Flex application development with English and Arabic support. There will be a drop down control with language option.


      With the help of the article, http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_3:Feature_Introductions:_Runtime_Localization


      I am able to disply the page with English and Arabic text while change the drop down value. I need to change the page layout aligment (of all display Controls) from  "LEFT to RIGHT(LTR)"  for English and "RTL (RIGHT to LEFT) for Arabic during the runtime.


      It is very similar to the effect of java code. if (lang.equals("ar")) { i18n.setAlign("DIR=RTL"); }


      Kindly help me to get the equivalent of i18n.setAlign("DIR=RTL") in Flex.



      - Saran


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