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    New topic causing problem with TOC

    Authorgirl Level 1

      I have 2 TOCs in my project. I just added a new topic to the project and included it in both TOCs. When I generate a chm using the default TOC it compiles fine but when I do it using the other TOC only part of the TOC is generated. All the topics exist and can be reached via links in other topics but the TOC only shows one folder and a couple of topics.


      If I remove the new topic from the TOC, it generates fine so it is definitely the new topic that is casuing problems. I have tried moving it around the TOC and there are a few places where it compiles OK such as at the very bottom of the TOC or inside some of the books (but not all books).


      It makes no difference whether or not I use it as the start page (which is what I want to do).


      Can anyone help?