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    invalid markup error?


      Hello Everyone,

      I have been trying to work out this error for hours and for some reason I can not correct it.  I am new to dreamweaver and taking my first web design I class, I am trying to correct it so that I may apply the template to the other pages.  Is there someone out there who could help me?  I would greatly appreciate it.

      Error Message:  There is an error at line 40 column 289 "C:/users/melissa/documents/albert_IMD1301/templates/ladyglitz/main.dwt":

      Absolute positioning 1836 of nested editable regions


      I am having a hard time correcting it.

      Any advice is appreciated.


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          370H55V Level 4

          Line 36.


          This is where your <body> tag begins.


          You also have a <body onload> tag on line 40


          I'd move the background color to the stylesheet along with the margin info and then move the onload info to line 36 from 40.


          .body {

                  background-color: "#FFFFCC";