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    Setup crashes


      I have Windows 7 and CS 4. When trying to install the latest version of Camera RAW the setup process starts, but crashes almost immediately.

      What to do? Now I hace ACR 5.



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          pinulk Level 1

          I was able to install ACR 5.5 just by replacing the CameraRaw.8bi file.

          Has the setup of ACR changed because the file size for 5.6  is almost 90 MB now.

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            John Joslin Level 6

            wollsten wrote:


            I was able to install ACR 5.5 just by replacing the CameraRaw.8bi file.



            You could do the same for 5.6.

            The setup procedure is notoriously erratic, in spite of Adobe's promises to improve all their installation routines.

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              i see 216 others have posted questions on this issue on this forum from searching "setup.exe", including myself, so i'm just responding to the recent ones.


              i recently downloaded trails of flash cs4 and web premium package cs4 (took a day to download at high speed starbuck's internet). couldnt get the setup.exe to work or the uninstaller to work. surfing tech support over next couple weeks to try various agents was useless and expensive until i finally reached someone with useful info. all the agents had foriegn accents and read from scripts and web support pages until yesterday, when i reached a guy who told me two things i'll report to various forums addressing this same issue:


              1. download the "windows install clean up" program from window's website (google: windows install cleanup) to uninstall everything adobe. then go through your folders to erase any adobe remnants. this program is different from the uninstaller that doesnt work in the programs and features area of the control panel when you try to uninstall adobe products from there.


              2. windows explorer 8, the newest version, DOES NOT download adobe software properly and leaves things out, causing all sorts of issues including the setup.exe program not working. download firefox browser from mozella (google: firefox) and use it for all adobe downloads. apparently the old windows explorer 7 will work, but if you already have explorer 8 installed its easiest to just use firefox.


              i'm spending the next couple days downloading the 4.14 G web premium trail with firefox and will report if this works.