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    extracting xml data into process variables: (not happening)

    kc_chaitu Level 2


        I have a process that takes xml data as input and it should extract the data from it into the process variables I created. For this I used setvalue process, where the input parameter is of type xfaform. For that variable, I gave the form as template url ( i tried both pdf and xdp). It is loading the schema file as well when I checked in the schema settings. I mapped this value (one of the objects in xml) to other process variable in the setvalue parameter. When I execute this process, I dont see the object value of xml getting assigned to the process variable.


      The process is not erroring out. I checked the recordings as well. I dont know what I'm missing in the mappings. I'm using 8.2 version. I attached LCA that contains the process and resources. Your help will be highly appreciated.