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    LiveCycle Collaboration Service in Flex Mobile aka Slider?


      I've asked in the LCCS forums if it will be fully supported on the upcoming Flex Mobile framework (Slider).


      They haven't given me a promising answer. They replied:



      The Flash-only version is the full SDK minus the Flex pods (and Flex-style collections converted to Flash-style collection) so, yes, LCCS on mobile is fully supported.


      I didn't look at Slider yet, but if there is enough interested we can probably supply also a Flex Mobile implementation of the LCCS pods, or at least some of them.



      It would be great to be able to build applications for mobile phones that allow users to collaborate with each other - so it would make sense to have LCCS fully supported on Flex Mobile.

      In summary, can somebody explain to me what the deal is with full support (or at the very least, core features such as real time chat, voip and webcam) for LCCS on Flex Mobile frameweork - since it can CAN done.

      There is very little information about LCCS on the adobe website.