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    renderFormGuide and Apply Usage Rights components




      I am trying to render a form guide. I already have a workflow in place, but that was for the pdf alone. Now, I want to incorporate the form guide as well in the form and hence the renderformguide component needs to be added to the flow. I tried replacing the renerForm component with the renderFormGuide component, however, as I have a ApplyUsageRights component after that to reader extend the pdf, this throws an error saying invalid file. I even tried using the renderFormGuide component after the ApplyUsageRights component, such that that now the input to the renderFormGuide component is as a pdf instead of an xdp. However, this also doesn't work. Can you please sort a way out of this?


      Another problem that I face is that when I use the first scenario and remove the ApplyUsageRights all together, the form is rendered and I get the output, but I am only able to view the guide layout and none of the fields appear in the form.


      I am trying to make it work since last week ans raised a support request as well, but haven't received a single response as yet. Pointers of any sort would be highly appreciated.