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    General tip to forum posters

    archemedia Level 4

      Hi all,


      This Flex forum is a very active forum which is great for all flex developers.

      As I try to contribute now and then with answering questions, I can't help feeling sorry for some people who's questions doesn't get answered.

      One of the reasons for this I think is that the problems are sometimes to hard to understand.

      Some people post entire blocks of code, with complete explanations of how to use it. Trying to go into that code is sometimes a time consuming activity. Most of us don't have unlimited time unfortunately


      So please try to isolate your problem in a small and working (or should I say non-working) example. That way, people might tackle your problem much quicker!





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          msakrejda Level 4

          Listen to this man. Also,


          * What error are you getting? If a run-time error, provide the full stack trace. If compile-time, provide the full message, not just the error code.

          * What do you expect to happen? If not an outright error, what is actually happening?

          * What have you tried?

          * What have you found searching for similar problems that might be relevant?

          * Use a descriptive subject. Avoid the word 'urgent' and exclamation marks. Those actually make it *less* likely I will try to answer.


          While I don't agree with everything he says, Eric Raymond has a noteworthy document on this: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            Also, one of your first sources for answers should be the Flex Builder help system or online via LiveDocs.


            When I open Flex Builder, I always open the help system via menubar Help - Help Contents.


            When I search, sometimes I am looking for the descriptive help docs, but often I just want to go to the API help pages and click on the useful links for Properties, Methods, Styles, Events, etc.


            I'd say 20 - 35 % of the questions in this forum could be answered by searching the help system.

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              archemedia Level 4

              I completely agree with that.


              About isolating problems: one of the most important skills of a programmer should be just that! If you can isolate it, you can probably solve it! It's breaking down your code mentally to get to the very essence of your problem. Like Greg stated, spending a lot of time in the Flex inline help system leads you to understanding the philosophy of the framework.



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                jake_flex Level 2

                About problem isolating. Instead of posting your whole code as a zip package to the forum (I never open them btw), one should make a simple demo app with just the bare minimum components needed to explain the problem.


                Now, if we could make this topic a sticky one on the top of the forum.