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    Quicktime Viewer in CS4?

    canoli99 Level 1

      Is the "preview QT files" pop-up window gone in CS4 and now QT files only open in the Footage Panel?

      (so that we can view files before the Interpret Footage settings are applied)


      I think I remember reading that is the case  - that the pop-up window is gone - but I was watching a Chris Meyer video (C4D & AESC4 Integration) and he's able to open his video in a pop-up window. He does it by "double-click the video in the project panel..." and sure enough it opens in a separate window. When he wants to view it in the Footage Panel he says "hold down Option / ALT..." and that works too.


      I've tried all combos of modifier keys - nothing works in CS4 to get a separate window. C. Meyer says he's using CS4 so how did he do it I wonder...


      anybody know?


      thanks for anything you can share on this!