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    ImageCR3 and CF9 64-bit


      Anyone using ImageCR3 on CF9 64-bit? I have been using ImageCR for over 5 years now and it is an awesome image manipulation tool. Recently we moved our site to a new server running CF9 64-bit. Efflare has a 64-bit version available (but it's still in beta) and I installed it and it was working fine. However, once or twice a day I get an error: "exception code 0xeedfade null." The only way I have found to reset things is to reboot the entire server. I've tried restarting CF, restarting IIS, restarting the ImageCR3 service and none work, only the full reboot.


      I have tried now for over a week to contact support at efflare.com; phone calls and emails and have not received ANY response to my inquiries. Anyone out there have any suggestions or ideas?