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    Adobe error (-432)


      Can anyone explain what error 432 means and the resolution, so that I can continue to download. Bit of background, my partner and I started with two different authorisations on our computer i.e. on different MS user accounts in Windows XP. Having now grasped that to manage downloads on two PC's and two Sony PRS-600 we should only operate one authorisation; we are trying to consolidate our downloads now. Fortunately we do not have many: 1 on account A, and 5 on account B. I asked Waterstones to reactivate the download for the book on account A, but when I tried to download it to account B, I get the error 432. I tried 3 times so the download is blocked agin from Waterstones. Any ideas how to manage this problem?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          That error message comes from the Sony Ebook Library software.  Sony has not shared with us what the conditions are for that error message.


          It sounds like in your case that you are trying to download content which is authorized to a different person (your partner?), and that may be causing the problem.


          Exactly how to redownload will be dependent upon the bookstore (and their tech support).    For the bookstores besides Sony, the key phrase is that "you need a new transaction id".  In the URLs that they point you to there is a transaction id (orderid= in the URL), if this orderid has been previously used to download content under a different AdobeID, it will always use the license for that AdobeID.  If you are using Digital Editions this will give you and error that says that the content is licensed to a different user.


          I hope this helps.

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            Philjwade Level 1

            I've been in contact with my bookstore and they have reset the order for download again. I mentioned your suggestion about a new transaction ID, but it would appear that this can not be changed. So my next step is to set up ADE on my lap top from new and try to download it to there, rather than my PC which has ADE with two authorisations on two different MS XP logins. Another post on this forum indicates it's possible to update the "AdobeID" value in the registry, so if plan A fails I'll try plan B.