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    Stopping Desktop ICON when Updating reader

    Koi Guy

      Every time I Update Reader, it installs a desktop icon for reader.  There doesn't appear to be an option to avoid that.  I must drag it to the Recycle Bin every time and that is annoying.  If I allowed every application on my computer to put an icon on the desktop, I'd need to scroll the desktop to find all of them.  That would make the desktop less than useful.  So could someone get to Adobe and suggest that they stop automatically putting an icon to reader on my desktop each time they release an upgrade?  Besides, when does anyone ever launch the reader that way?  I always double-click a PDF file and the reader opens.  Who needs the icon?


      Another issue is the installation of scripts (or apps) that run at startup.  Again, if every program on my PC did that, I could go buy my groceries while the computer was booting.  Fortunately, I have a program that watches for those startup applications and gives the option to allow or disallow the registry change.  I usually disallow them for the reason stated.  Unless these startup routines are absolutely essential in order for Adobe Reader to run, they should be made optional.  I only have 1.5 GB of RAM and that could get filled just with resident apps loaded at boot time.  As it is, over half of that memory space is gone by the time the operating system is fully loaded, including the various resident programs loaded by each of my applications.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to how to stop this gluttony?


      Koi Guy