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    Steve Jobs comments on flash

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      Steve Jobs said flash is buggy (under Mac) and it explains why many Mac devices doesn't support flash. As to AIR applications, I do feel the performance and stability under Mac is worse than Windows. As a developer, I wish AIR apps can reach as many devices as possible (including iPhone and iPad). Does the AIR team have a rough estimation when this could happen?



      http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/01/31/jobs-calls-adobe-lazy-calls-google-on-the-their-***** ***/

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          heavyboots Level 2

          Already asked and answered.




          Actually, I really like this guy's idea, which is to make HTML5 a publishing target from Flash.



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            Ansury Level 3

            Screw HTML5 - how much longer are we going to be playing with this legacy 90's garbage?


            Every new piece of crap 'Internet technology' that comes out claims it'll save the world, fix all the problems, make everything WORK.  Sounds like the usual bull.  Why are we still playing with JavaScript and DHTML in 2010??  Where is this next generation Internet we've been promised?  All I see is more hackish solutions built on top of already hackish foundations. 


            The only way to ditch this legacy rubbish is to move towards VM-based platforms.  It's already happening in the hardware world.  Flash/Flex and Silverlight are the Internet-RIA equivalent of the same trend.  Stop trying to salvage technology conceived decades ago.  What a waste of money and time!


            I'd rather see Adobe team up with someone like Microsoft to engineer a next generation browser platform than play nice with Steve Jobs and his kool aid drinking customer base (who seem to be tasting poison more and more lately).  Stop trying to build applications within technology that was designed to display static text, and start building applications on technology designed to run applications.