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    RoboHelp 5 converted to RoboHelp 8 styles


      I just converted a RoboHelp HTML 5 project into a RoboHelp 8 project. I am using IE7 and microsoft 2007 applications. I am also in RoboHelp 8.02.208.


      The file converted fine.


      There are a few issues.


      The following issues with the style sheet occurred when the project was converted.


      All of the bulleted list styles there were defined as bullets were converted to a number list rather than bullets. The style did not bring in the bullet style.


      The alpha list style was also converted to numbers.


      This style sheet has been used with other conversions and for some reason this conversion change occurred in a RoboHelp 8 conversion.


      Has anyone had this issue to occur and how did you solve this.  I am sure that I can redefine the styles but I just want to know why this happened in the conversion and if there is another way to solve the issue rather than changing the styles.