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    Shopping Cart Security


      I recently inhereted a site with a CartWeaver Shopping cart installed.  It seems less than easy to work with, and support is non-existant, as apparently only the original developer is entitled to that -- but I can work with it. I'm not here to make negative comments about the product.  My questions is about the whether or not it's safe to put shopping carts on shared servers at all. All the shopping carts I have set up are with companies like Nexternal and even Mal's-e that host on their own servers.  I have no carts using Miva or Cartweaver, or anything that would live on a shared server. My thinking has been that I want to know that my client's are getting the best data protection available, and I want be insulated from liability should anything go wrong. I figure shopping cart providers who host their own carts are likely to be spending a lot of resources on data security, PCI compliance, etc. But web hosting company offering shared server space  -- not so much.


      Should I talk this client in to moving to another shoppping cart, or is there something wrong with my thinking?