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    PE4 and Win Vista - has anyone burnt BD ok ?




      Could anyone who may have managed to get PE4 under Win Vista to burn a Blu-Ray please just let me know ?

      I am probably doing something wrong but my 1h20min project took 25 hours to render for me to find out that, at burn time, I got the message 'access denied' and PE had frozen (not responding in Windows Tasks menu).

      Could it be anything to do with Vista authority constraints ? Since running pre-installed PE4, I have been surprised at times to find that I (only admin user) have been unable to save PE projects directly without having to give my 'consent' !


      As concisely as I can be, I have taken raw footage captured from my HDV camera using PE4 (creating .mpeg files), and created 3 separate projects that I would like to include in one single BD with a main menu and several sub-menus.


      In the competition's product, I was able to import whole (un-rendered) projects into the main project - if this exists in PE4, I have not found it yet.


      So I rendered the samaller projects firstly to mpeg2 (HD 1080i 25/ ac3) and repeatedly got some very strange audio repetition during 'conforming audio' phase so ended up rendering to mpeg (HD 1080i 25 i.e. as close as possible to original footage) with PCM which I was surprised to find out created 2 files (video .m2v and audio .wav). So I imported both and linked them back together in the main project.


      Then I attempted to create menus and sub-menus (see previous post) and selected 'Share / Burn to Disk / Blu-Ray' and left default H.264.

      The disk I inserted is a fresh Sony BD-RE (trying to stick as much as possible to the same manufacturer's products).

      The total footage time is 1h20 and it took 25hours to render !!

      I was just waiting for the Blu-Ray disk to start whirring when... 'access denied' appeared on PE status screen without any explanation / dump.

      As PE was not responding, I had to terminate the program.

      Imagine the disappointment


      Thanks for any help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's hard to say what the issue is. It could be as simple as an outdated driver for your BluRay burner or fragmentation on your hard drive.


          So naturally, go to Windows Update and ensure you have even the optional updates (Unless you've got Vista SP2 and you regularly manually update, it make take several trips to Windows Update), go to the Apple site and download the latest Quicktime and then give your drive a good defragmenting.


          Try creating a short five minute practice file and see if you can get that to burn a disc. (I know BluRay discs are expensive, so it might be worth buying an RW for these kinds of tests.)


          It's much easier to troubleshoot a five minue project than a 90 minute project, after all -- and it won't take nearly as long to render!

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            nealeh Level 5

            You could also disable Vista's User Access Controls and terminate any unnecessary processes (especially anti-virus products) until the burn has finished.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              This ARTICLE has tips along the line of Neale's suggestion. I use these for all editing and authoring sessions.


              Going back a bit in time, it used to be standard practice to NOT use any other programs, while a burn was in progress. With newer, faster computers, this sort of passed by the wayside, especially with larger buffers, but might be worth the down-time, to see if perhaps too many resources are going to other operations, being performed during the burn. Just go grab a sandwich, while the computer does the burn, or do it overnight.


              Good luck,