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    ExamplePlayer.swf Hosting | Official?

      Is the OSMF team committed to maintaining the following as a permanent link for the ongoing hosting of the latest and greatest of the compiled, runnable version of the OSMF ExamplePlayer.swf?
      I understand that I can host and maintain an up-to-date version of ExamplePlayer.swf on my own. However, if the OSMF team is already hosting and maintaining the ExamplePlayer.swf I would prefer to publicize the URL above as an "official" OSMF team ExamplePlayer.swf URL.
      I ask in part because it is very helpful for demos (e.g. for introducing OSMF to developers), for us to maintain on an ongoing basis the up-to-date, runnable ExamplePlayer.swf hosted at a stable URL.
      (fyi ... the URL above came to my attention via a Connect presentation by Sumner on Dec 7. The URL above is in the recording of Sumner's presentation at the following link [about 23:30 in the timecode]: