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    Dreamweaver Template problem


      I've had to move some files due to the fact that I was re-designing a site in another folder. Now I have it moved back into the folders where the original site was(the original one is gone so there's no duplicates there).

      I thought I had everything hooked back up. Now, when I go to update a template, it appear to pick all the correct files to update and goes through them but there are no changes. Why it says " files which could not be updated: 0" is a mystery. Sounds like they could have used better semantics. Nevertheless, no files are getting updated.

      files examined: 15
      files updated: 0
      files which could not be updated: 0

      If I go to all the pages that are involved, the correct template is being referenced in the source code. In addition, I ran link checks on both the template page and the child page of the template and corrected anything I found. I re-did the clink check but it finds no errors. Can some help me sort this out? THanks