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    Publishing to Skillport - SCORM/Reporting settings?


      I'm currently publishing eLearning courses to Skillport using Adobe Presenter 7. These courses are simply slides with narration and a few embedded CP demos and no quizzing (I'm basing course completion on the end user viewing 100% of the slides). I am publishing to SCORM 1.2 RTE with the following Reporting options selected:


      • SCORM 1.2
      • Report Slide Views Only - 100%
      • Report Status as defined by report data
      • Report Score to LMS as Score
      • Only Report the score


      These seem to be the only settings that track anything so far. The problem is, as soon as I launch a course, it is marked as 100% complete. Ideally I'd like to be able to track if the user only views 1/2 of the course (it should show 50%) or 80% etc. Does anyone have experience publishing courses to Skillport or know of any settings I can try? I've tried multiple combinations and can't seem to get anything to work (except the settings above which marks completion at 100% right away). Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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            I'm not familiar w/ Skillport...but I do have experience w/ Docent, Blackboard, and GeoLearning LMS's.


            I've also seen this kind of question come up a lot in the last several months, so if you don't mind, I'm going to steal one of my responses from a different post and copy it here...and who knows, perhaps something useful will come of it.


            That said, even though you don't have any questions in your presentation, I'd strongly recommend adding a Quiz element anyway.  The reason is that specific pieces of information can be communicated to an LMS that may not be available unless a Quiz is used.  And remember: a Quiz is nothing more than a "container" or a "shell" that a presentation uses when you have question slides in your content.


            While we're at it, here's something you can check: if your presentation is quiz-free, then most likely you won't see the "scorm_support" folder in the root of your published project.  That will all change once you add a Quiz to your deck.


            So let's try this:  Get back into your deck and go into the Quiz Manager.  Add a Quiz, and for now, set the Pass/Fail to 0.  Leave everything else alone and click the Reporting tab and use the following settings:

            Enable reporting and select "SCORM".

            Immediately after that, click the Manifest button to toggle for SCORM 1.2.


            You already have "slide views only" set, so that's okay.


            Report Pass/Fail: "defined by report data"


            At this point, Report Score / Reporting Level shouldn't matter because of the former selections/settings, so you can leave those alone.


            Again, all we did is add a Quiz to the deck—there are no question slides to worry about!  Having done all this, save and publish your deck and then test it on Skillport.  If you determine that Skillport is throwing some wierd data (for example you might see: cmi.suspend_data = "not attempted" or cmi.total_time = "P"), then you may need to do some additional homework.  If that's the case, what you'll need to do is manually update a variable in the scorm_support.js file (it can be found in the scorm_support folder in your published content's folder).


            Look for the following line:
            var g_nAPI = 0;  // type of API to start searching for; allowable values: 0 - SCORM 2004; 1 - SCORM 1.2 (or 1.1)


            Even though your content may have been published for SCORM 1.2, the variable g_nAPI is probably set for SCORM 2004.  To overcome that problem, change that value to 1 to get the LMS communicating properly between Presenter and Skillport.  I've run into a similar problem when launching Presenter content on a Blackboard system.  Not fun.  And I don't know why this happens, especially when you toggle for SCORM 1.2....but it does and it's frustrating.


            Anyway, sorry for the long rant...and again, although I'm not specfically familiar w/ Skillport, I think the above will help.




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              No need for apologies, this advice is greatly appreciated! I'll give this a try first thing tomorrow and let you know how things go. Thanks again!

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                I tried what you suggested, and unfortunately I'm still getting the same result. I also checked to make sure that the variable g_nAPI was set to 1 (and it was). Thanks for your suggestions though, it was still very helpful for me to try. I'll see if there is anything else I can figure out and post my solution should I find one for any others out there who might be trying to publish to Skillport.