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    Export to F4V and Dreamweaver CS4


      I've learned that if I rename the extension of an FV4 file (H.264) created with PPro to ".FLV" I'm then able to place it on a Webpage using Dreamweaver CS4. Dreamweaver will not recognize FV4 otherwise. Any reason that this is a really bad idea (seems to be the workaround recommended in Web articles)?


      I also noticed that the F4V Export presets default to an aspect ratio that did not match my D3s '640x424' original. So I just manually set the output to a 3:2 shape (300x200) and that seems to have worked fine. Otherwise I ended up with black bars on the top/bottom. Here too... is this an appropriate way to deal with this?


      I really do feel like one of those bothersome students who just won't stop asking questions :-)


      Thank you!