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    Loading MC from library to stage onRollOver

      I'm unsure what commands to use to achieve this, but I would like to be able to temporarily replace (essentially "swap symbol") an MC on the stage ( stage_mc) with an identically sized MC from the library ( libary_mc) by rolling over an MC ( rollover_mc).

      I've used loadMovie and loadClip commands to pull in .swf files from the server or even .jpg images from the library, but for some reason I can't get ActionScript to simply refer to an MC that is in the library.

      I would change rollover_mc to a button and insert the library_mc on the "Over" frame, but rollover_mc is animated and I would like library_mc to remain stationary.

      It would even be sufficient for me to load library_mc OVER stage_mc if replacing or swapping it out is not an option.

      Any suggestions?