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    publishing a website


      hello everyone, i am new to the website and i am hoping to get some help on here. i am new to making a website but i think i know the basics. i purchased a template from a website and started to work on it on cs4. everything is fine and i am almost done editing the website but when i publish, on the web it doesnt look like it does on cs4 or when i preview it. im not sure what the problem is so if anyone could please help me i would really appreciate it. thanks!

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a link to the page in question?

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            370H55V Level 4

            Right off the bat, I'd say your style's broken.

            You have background image references that are linked to your desktop folder. Your desktop can't be accessed from your site server, so that's why it looks OK in Dw but not once you put it to the host. They need to be in an images folder inside your site root folder and linked there, then uploaded with the page(s).


            #prevBtn a { display:block; width:44px; height:44px; background:url(file:///C|/Users/hugo/Desktop/photographersden/html/images/l_arrow.gif) no-repeat 0 0; }
            #nextBtn a { display:block; width:44px; height:44px; background:url(file:///C|/Users/hugo/Desktop/photographersden/html/images/r_arrow.gif) no-repeat 0 0; }



            And you really should put all that style info into an external stylesheet.  It makes it a lot easier to do "site wide" style changes" rather than making the same change on EVERY page. Once you get a site about 85-100 pages, that can be a real nightmare.

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              jrod4545 Level 1

              ok this is what i got. on my desktop i made a root folder named catchmybiz. in that folder there are 2 other folders, one which says html and the other one says psd. in the html folder there is a contact, index, portfolio, and services html file. there is also a php file an a css file. there are also 3 folders in the html folder.  one says notes and its empty. the other says images and has the images. and the third folder is labeled js and has 2 jquery files.


              now on the psd folder there are a few images and a folder that says notes but it is empty.


              i know that my folders have to be organized but i just cant figure out exactly how they are supposed to be. i hope i gave u enough info for you to be able to help me out because this is very frustrating. thank you very much!

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                jrod4545 Level 1

                hey guys thank you so much for your help! i figured it out and i guess i was just making it a lot more complicated than it was. i just reorganized my folders and its up now. once again thank you very much.