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    Fireworks CS4 Refresh Font Menu


      Hi Guys,

      I really hope someone has found a solution to this very annoying problem!

      I am using fireworks CS4 in windows 7 64bit.

      I tried and tested like 4 font management software but it seems that none of them is able to re-populate the font menu in Fireworks after activating a font.

      So for example:

      I am using FontExpert and when I activate a font (in any mode) i have to close and exit fireworks and re-open it in order for the font to be available in the font menu.

      Font software such as Suitcase Fusion 2 and FontExpert has a plugin for other adobe application such as in-design and photoshop but not for fireworks.

      I find it so frustrating to keep closing and exit fireworks for each font I activate to use in my designs.

      If anyone had the same problem and find any kind of resolution please please reply!


      Thanks! Refael.