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    Flex progress bar and uploads, why does it complete before fully uploaded.


      We are having problems with the timing outs of our file uploader and progress bar. We feel we have narrowed it down to the progress bar completing too quickly and we hope someone can shed some light.


      Series of events:

      (Time in seconds)

      1) 00 - User uploads a file

      2) 20 - File completes uploading.

      3) 20 - File starts being processed

      4) 40 - File is finished processing.


      What we're finding is flex is disconecting us and we aren't able to receive a response.

      Here are our the event handler functions that allow us to track upload progress.


      fileReference.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, uploadCompleteHandler);               
      fileReference.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler);
      fileReference.addEventListener(DataEvent.UPLOAD_COMPLETE_DATA, uploadCompleteDataHandler);


      On one computer, the bytes measured and progress are calculated fine.


      On the other, the progress bar completes after 2 seconds and the file is continuing to be uploaded. We know this because when we look at ./tmp we see the size of the phpXXXXX file increasing.


      Our question is if anyone has seen a similar problem, and is there a timeout that is triggered once a progress bar reaches 100%?


      Anyone help is appreciated.