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    New user has problems


      I have just recently installed Adobe Premier 8 software to edit videos and create DVD's  from my camcorder.  After watching numerous tutorials, I learned that you open Premier Elements 8 and click on New Project to name your project and set the parameters for editing, etc., only to find that "new project" will not open.  It begins launching and then just stops.  "Organize" will open, but according to the tutorials, I really need to begin by setting up a new project each time.  I would appreciate some feedback on this problem.  I really like Photoshop Elements (I own Photoshop Elements and love it), but this software either does not work or I just don't know what I am doing.  The tutorial was really good and it all looks very simple except I can't seem to open the software.  I have 200 Gigs available on the hard drive.


      Any help in getting started would be appreciated.