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    Newbie village idiot question...


      Immediately after entering the serial number during the install, there was a brief message saying: "You have 7 days to visit the site and obtain an ID. When I clicked OK, it was gone forever and I still don't know what the heck this is...Thanx in advance for helping out the clueless.




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          acath Level 4

          Hi KatRoach,


          It sounds like that was the licensing system asking you to enter a serial number. You can get the serial number from the same site that you downloaded Beta 2 from.


          Are you having a problem now, or were you just reporting an odd symptom?



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            katroach Level 1

            No problems for the moment. But the message stated I have 7 days to get an ID or Catalyst will stop working? I'm hoping it was just that I did the install while not having signed in at the Adobe site. Probably that's all it is, but I need to know before I commit time and effort to test the app for rapid prototyping purposes.


            Worst case scenario, I could contact Adobe. Would just be so simple if the solution were posted somewhere at their site. Thanx anyway.



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              katroach Level 1


              Thanx for taking time to respond. This odd message appeared AFTER I entered

              the serial number successfully and I never saw it again after I clicked ok

              to close the window. No problems at this moment, but ask me again in 4 days

              when the 7 days have ended and I can't open Catalyst to finish my



              Because my browser had been closed as required for the install, and not yet

              reopened, I surmise the message appeared because I was no longer 'signed in'

              to my Adobe account online, so my Adobe ID was not detected by the web

              cookie when I entered the serial number. What's odd is that I can't find any

              information anywhere, nor in the app documentation about a 7-day limit or a

              specific ID requirement.


              I have never used a beta product before. Ever! As any seasoned PC user

              knows, load a program on the PC and you're stuck with it forever. But now

              that I am a newly minted Mac user, I don't have to worry about shared .dll

              files bringing my whole system down if they accidentally get removed during

              an uninstall or overwritten by other files.


              Since I could find no distress postings by anyone disrupted by this Catalyst

              7-day deactivation scenario in a web search, I'm hoping for the best. Thanx

              again for responding.