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    Problems synchronizing 2 FLV videos with FLVPlayback

      On my website I want to play the same FLV video twice, but I can't get it synchronized. There is only one that is faster than the other. I tried serveral things:

      - I made a listener that sets the playhead of the the two videos the same every second:

      VideoContainer.source = videoPath;
      VideoContainer2.source = videoPath;
      VideoContainer.autoPlay = false;
      VideoContainer.bufferTime = 1;
      VideoContainer.muteButton = mc_mute;
      VideoContainer2.bufferingBar = mc_bufferbar;
      VideoContainer2.bufferTime = 1;
      VideoContainer2.autoPlay = false;
      VideoContainer.playheadTime = 0;
      VideoContainer2.playheadTime = 0;
      var t:Timer = new Timer(1000);
      t.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, timerHandler);

      function timerHandler(event:TimerEvent):void
      TXTstatus.appendText(VideoContainer2.bytesLoaded+" 1: "+VideoContainer.state+" 2: "+VideoContainer2.state);
      if(VideoContainer.bytesLoaded > 0 &&VideoContainer2.bytesLoaded > 0
      &&VideoContainer2.state!="buffering" &&VideoContainer.state!="buffering")
      VideoContainer2.playheadTime= VideoContainer.playheadTime;

      Didn't work

      - The same thing with "seekseconds" didn't work, there is always one video behind the other.

      Has anyone an other proposition? This would really help me.


      An other Problem is that the second FLV loads only after the first has been downloaded completely. Apparently it is not possible to buffer 2 FLVs at the same time. It there a Possibility to specify that the 2 FLVs are the same and that the browser has to load only one?

      Thanks in advance.