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    can't get Illustrator CS2 for Mac to start up/open


      Hello Everyone,

      My Illustrator Cs2 for Mac was working great, but now it won't open start-up.


      It begins to open when the window for the software startup opens, it begins to initialize, it begins to load fonts, but then it gets 'hung up' when it says "12.0.1 Initializing...Created by the Adobe Illustrator Team". In my dock it says that the "application is not responding" and it never resolves to completely load the software.


      I enclose a screenshot to show you what I'm on about.


      I have Mac OS X.4.11, a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, IGB of memory and 15 GB of hard disk space. Every other software on the laptop works well and I have no other problems.


      Is anyone familiar with this or does anyone know what I should do?