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    Flash crash - no auto recovery!!!!!


      I cannot tell you how mad I am at this point, after working all my damn day on a flash!!!

      Of course, the application crashed eventually, and I lost everything!!


      Why, for heaven's sake would't you guys do an automatic recovery function?!?!?! Just make a f****ing automatic save from time to time!!


      I'm sorry, maybe it's my fault, as a user that I am stupid enough not to save my work from time to time... I apoligize!


      This is the second or third time I write to you guys about this problem... and I think the first message was lake a few years ago... anyway, I think I'm not the only one!


      Just do something about it! (excuse my language and my frustration after your application crash!)

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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          Yeah true. Makes me feel insanely mad too when crashes happen after a heap of work was accomplished. We all had to learn it the hard way. That's why i keep on saving my work from time to time. And until now i do not understand why Flash has no auto-recovery just like other applications do. Uhm apropos crash, this reminds me to post about a bug in Flash when using shape hints, i always get crashes.