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    pause PE8

    Flashback Matt

      Can I put a Pause in PE8?  What I mean is I have a move with 10 sections in it at the end of each section I want the DVD to Pause and wait for me to push play again with out going back to the main menu and pick it from them.  I would like it to hold the last frame in the pause but it could go black if needed.







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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional



          About the closest thing you can do is set the video to return to the main menu at a given point and not proceed until your viewer chooses to start part 2.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            With a full-featured authoring program, you can program in a "pause," but PrE looks at authoring in a linear fashion.


            Adobe Encore, will allow one to do this, with a little bit of design work, and I would guess that similar can be done in Sony's DVD Architect, as Encore is no longer available as a stand-alone program, outside of PrPro.





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              Flashback Matt Level 1

              Sorry to hear that thanks for your help

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                Flashback Matt Level 1

                Thank you for your information I will take a look at these.  Is there any other program that you would recommend?


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I only use Adobe Encore, and love it, but as mentioned, it is no longer available as a stand-alone. The two authoring programs, that get the highest reviews are Sony's DVD Architect (Steve Grisetti has several articles in the Muvipix Learning Series, plus a book on it), and DVD Studio Pro. These are a less expensive program, and then one in the upper-middle range. Many feel that the GUI of the Sony product is more intuitive, but the latter offers more power, just with a greater learning curve.


                  At the astoundingly upper-end, there is Sonic Scenarist, but will all modules it runs about US$50K, so does not get much notice on these fora.


                  Roxio and Nero offer some authoring, as does Magix and CyberLink, but I seldom hear them mentioned, and no zero about any.


                  Good luck,