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    Weird issue with my site in IE6 and IE7

    Digital Sky Design Level 1

      Okay so the page in question is here... http://dev.thinktecmediagroup.com/pr/about-us.php


      The problem only occurs in IE6 and IE7 as far as I can teel. Basically what's happening is the red line (or horizontal rule if you may) is causing a horizontal scroll bar to appear on the page and I have no idea why. I have created a special style sheet targeted at IE6 and IE7 to try and fix this.


      Take a look through the code and see if you can find any reason this might be happening. I've literally spent hours and hours with no solution in sight, it's really frustrating so any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Oh, and don't bother critiquing the rest of the code, the site is far from done, this is just a rough draft I've created thus far.