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    Japanese text not correctly displayed in Index Tab, *.CHM file


      I have to Japanise a *.CHM file and follow the instructions in Adobe support for the Japanisation process. All seems to work OK, except that the Index tab doesn't display the Japanese texts correctly as if the font is not Japanese. TOC is OK.

      To re-create the problem, I start a new project, set the default language to Japanese and paste a Japanese text in various places (HTML file, Index, Toc and Glossary). See attached bitmap. Then generate the *.CHM file. See attached.

      All seems OK, except:

      1) The text for the Index is not Japanese.

      2) Where is the glossary? I saw on the forum that there are other people having problem with the GLossary not showing up as well. Did I make a mistake somewhere?

      3) Robohelp version:

      4) Attached screen prints and *.CHM file

      Can some one please help us?