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    Interlacing issue

    Micah Eavenson

      I am having an interlacing issue when I load my .flv files up to my site.  The strange thing is that when I watch them after encoding in Flash Video Encoder (with adobe AIR) the interlacing does not appear.  I can't understand why the interlacing issue would appear once the videos are loaded up to the site and yet they look perfectly crisp and clear when I watch the completed .flv's in AIR.  Any ideas on this?  I didn't de-interlace the videos the first time I created the .flv's but that shouldn't matter since they play fine in AIR right?  Of course I can go back through and de-interlace them, but I want to make sure that this is the problem before I take the time to re-encode them all. 


      Here is the site