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    No tweening, but still lagging

    caitblahblah Level 1
      Just when I think I've got a good understanding of Flash, I come across something that I never would have thought about before. I was always told that if I animate everything through actionscript, it will run much more smoothly than if I used tweening. Now I animate everything through actionscript, but I'm still having problems with my apps lagging. Would it have to do with the stage being 1366x768? I know that's an unusually large size for flash to push out. I work on a very good/fast mac, so I don't think it has to do with the computer I'm running it on. I read something recently about conserving CPU usage by calling upon scripts only when needed. I didn't know I could even be executing a script when I didn't need it. Is there something I'm completely missing here?