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    Why only gets one node when select many nodes of tree in DWCS4 on Mac OS

    Frank Xie

      I use tag <mm:treecontrol> to create tree in DWCS4 on Mac OS.

      When I select many nodes in tree, but I only get one node by method: selectedNodes.


      codes of created tree as following:

      <mm:treecontrol name='tree' size='20' multiple noheaders>

           <mm:treecolumn state='hidden'>

                <mm:treenode value='A' state='expanded'></mm:treenode>

                <mm:treenode value='B' state='expanded'></mm:treenode>

                <mm:treenode value='C' state='expanded'></mm:treenode>



      Who can  tell me reasons?




      comments: if don't use tag <mm:treecolumn>, tree will not show on Mac OS.