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    Transparency question - having a little problem


      Hi folks a transparency question for you if you don't mind?


      I'm using a Slideshow component within Flash and having problems with my image.


      In FW I have my canvas 700w x 420h at 200 resolution. Please see image below.

      Now I would like a drop shadow on these two photo's with a transparent background but there starts the problem.

      If I use Giff then the quality is lost in the pics and if I use .png32 the the image is huge and has a long download time. Also unless I use .png32 the drop shadows looks naff.

      The images by the way are not imported into Flash they are imported to the Slideshows servers so its not a problem using .png32.


      So can anyone give me some thoughts trying to make the background transparent with my image while keeping the drop shadow and not making the file size to large?


      Thank you, P.