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    How to transfer Avid XPress project on PC to Premiere CS4 on laptop?




      I have the following problem: I have an Avid Xpress sytem on a PC and Premiere Pro CS4 on a laptop. I have a project on the PC that I would like to edit while travelling with the laptop - and I'm trying to work out how to transfer the project from one to the other (via an external hard drive).


      I noticed that Premiere in the latest update supports AAF files, but when I export the Avid project as AAF, Premiere can read the info in the AAF file but somehow it does not recognise the associated OMF (media) files (i.e. it imports the AAF and then asks where a given OMF file is, but when you tell it, it says that the file format is not supported).


      I read somewhere that an alternative would be via quicktime reference files - but the problem I see there is that if I want to transfer the media files to another drive, the quicktime reference file has no means of knowing where they are (or rather will think that they are still at the old place, because it does not ask for any location)?


      Another thing may be that the original Avid OMF files might not be quite the right format for Premiere - there is also an option to export to OMF 1.0, but I'm not sure if that would help.


      Any suggestions and help regarding transferring the project from one system to the other would be appreciated! Many thanks!