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    Remote Login for RoboHelp

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1

      We are making a PC available to our SMEs to allow them to edit directly in RoboHelp; they will not touch the structure but will only edit the text.


      Now one of them wants to work from the laboratory, by using remote login. Our IT department can arrange remote login, but is it possible to use RH in this way?


      This is RoboHelp 8, Windows XP, fully patched, no source control. We authors will arrange for the SME to work from a local copy of the project.


      Any tips or tricks?


      --- Derek

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          You can use RH via remote login as it is the same as running it locally. As I understand it, and do check, once someone has logged on remotely, no one else can nor can anyone log on directly to the machine. Obviously it has to be impossible for more than one person to access the machine at any one time.


          You say you will arrange for a local copy for SMEs. I don't follow, if they are using remote login they are accessing a local copy.


          Back up. Back up. Back up.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1

            By "local copy" I mean that the author will transfer the project from his/her C: drive to the C: drive of the SME PC, (and transfer back when the SME is ready).


            --- Derek

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              Hi Derek.


              We do the same as you as we have a single RH licence for use by our developers. They are occasional users for one or two projects. They just copy the source to the remote PC, logon and away they go. The PC stops two people from logging on at the same time.



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                Amebr Level 4

                Wow. I wish our develeper doco PC was that smart. If someone is logged in, and someone else logs in, the first person is unceremoniously kicked off the PC. One of the devs wrote a web page thingy that shows if someone is logged in, but it's not always accurate and it's a manual process to remember to go to that page to check.