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    [C++] Flash crashes after playing an .mp3 file




      i use Hikari a C++ library which allow to display flash control in a texture for the Ogre 3D Engine.


      i have a flash control which play a sound (.mp3) when i set a param (param = 0 with arg = 1022).
      The string i sent to raw_CallFunction() is:
      "<invoke name="SetParam" returntype="xml"><arguments><string>0</string><string>1022.000000</string></arguments></i nvoke>"


      It works very well. But when i close the application, it crashes, even if the sound of the .mp3 is finished.
      It crashes only is an .mp3 sound have been played (all other setparams and getparams do not crash the application).
      I have the same problem with different flashes, and with different sounds.


      I don't think the source of the problem come from the Hikari library, but i think it come from the way i close the flash control.
      Is there something to do when i close the application after having played an mp3 in a flash control ? A function to call ?