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    Flex 4 Tlf Problem! How to get active Paragraph?!


      I have following TLF XML:


      private var text:XML =

      <flow:TextFlow fontSize="20" paddingRight="50" paddingBottom="50" paddingTop="50" paddingLeft="50" whiteSpaceCollapse="preserve" xmlns:flow="http://ns.adobe.com/textLayout/2008">
                       <flow:span>Hallo liebers Programmili... du tust schon langsam meinem koepchen weh</flow:span>



      I try to get the Paragraph for a selection inside the text using following Methodes:


      var index:int = tf.interactionManager.anchorPosition; // i get 29 here
      var child:FlowElement = tf.getChildAtIndex(index); // undefined - it should be the flowElement containing the text... <flow:span></flow:span>
      var para:ParagraphElement = test.getParagraph();//undefined - it should be the paragraph


      I really started to enjoy the new framework... but now i am getting really mad

      Can anybody imagine what i am doing wrong? The undefined itself makes me suspicious... shouldn't it be null?

      Help would be much appriciated!