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    Premier Elements 3 crashes when ‘Burn’ button clicked or ‘Export to DVD’ selected

    Bill Stur

      After compiling a slide show in Premier Elements ( including rendering, previewing, saving) and I then try to either “Burn” or “Export to DVD” the programme immediately shows “Adobe Premier Elements.exe application error.  The instruction at 0X0000000 reference memory 0X0000000.  The memory could not be read.” OK or Cancel immediately shuts the program down and can’t be re-opened until the computer is re-started. On shut down a second message is displayed “The instruction at 0x00f96cb7 reference memory at 0x00000000.  The memory could not be read. OK to terminate.’ I have replaced the RAM. I have repaired the programme many times with my original disc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme many times. I have uninstalled Nero in case of a conflict. These fixing attempts seemed to have stopped message 2 appearing and the programme can now be restarted after it crashes without having to reboot. I have not been able to cure message 1, it crashes completely at any attempt to ‘burn’ a DVD or ‘export to a DVD’. I can use Windows to burn other discs without problems. I have previously burnt many other slideshow DVD’s without problem.

      I cannot find anything similar to this fault in PE forums.

      Hope to find some help.