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    External swfs not displaying when site is uploaded




      I've created a flash website and have split it up into different swfs and have added pre loaders so it loads more cleanly. When I preview the site the links open up the external swfs no problem, but once the site it uploaded the swfs don't load, it appears that the main movie restarts insted of the external swfs (only the contact button works because it's part of the main movie).The 4 buttons at the bottom of the main page go to frames with the follwing or similar action script




      This frame also contains the clip (designplay) which the design.swf should load into. It appears the issue is with the paths, I've spent a long time trying to fix this and just can't get it. Any help would be much appreicated, below is the site address. Cheers



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where are the loaded files located wrt the main file.  The Design section appears to load correctly, and the linking you show for it agrees with what I found... the design is in the same folder as the main file.  Where are the other files and how are they targeted?


          One thing I notice is that you embedding code is very terse, and based on the page having the following line of code...


          <script src="Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

          ... it is missing the code related to that particle inclusion.
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            luke_hon Level 1

            Hi Thanks for the response.  The design seciton loaded once for me but still doesn't work when I try it. All the swfs are in the root folder and are targeted with the same code. I'm still a bit lost to why it wont work. Where should I place the code you suggested? thanks so much for your help. Cheers