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    Compile time

    TomBurgundy Level 1



      I find working on a large (200 classes) Flex project difficult due to the fact that simple typos don't show in the editor until the project is built.


      Very quickly into the project you have to turn off 'Build automatically', otherwise editing becomes impossible due to the heavy system load of repeatingly doing builds that take up to 30 seconds. And with that turned off, I am not seeing any compile errors in the editor (as e.g. Eclipse Java does so nicely) while typing.


      I noticed that Flash Builder 4beta2 can do what seems like a quick compile (few seconds) to discover compile errors, yet the complete build takes much longer (around 20-30 seconds, progress sitting at 61%, if that helps). What I mean is that when I build a project manually, previous compile errors disappear quite quickly, and often I get a popup-dialog informing me of compile errors within seconds.


      Now, is there any way to enable "quick compiling" the project automatically, but doing the whole build on demand only?