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    fatal error creating projector

      I am working on a projector in Director MX. I keep getting a fatal error when creating a projector. It hangs up on the creating projector process when adding my main project file.

      I thought I had a corrupt project file so I recreated the project from scratch. This elimated the problem for a while, but now it is back. And of course, the project deadline is today. I should have a disc in the mail to the client tonight but obviously that is not going to happen.

      I deleted the preference files for director but that didn't help. I even when back to a version where I created a successful projector and that also crashed. I had not saved that version since creating the projector. At this point I knew I should save backup copies of the file that worked.

      I am running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2.

      Any suggestions on how to fix this.