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    Carousel in a state




      I tried to put a carousel in a state but it doesn't work. Does anyone know why ?



      <mx:State name="MetzPromo">
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{image1}"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{button1}"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{button2}"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{image2}"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{button3}"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{button4}"/>
           <mx:AddChild position="lastChild">
                <mx:Canvas width="842" height="435" x="153" y="392">
                     <mx:Button x="804" y="232" label="right" id="right" click="moveRight(),goBack()"/>
                     <mx:Button x="582" y="232" label="left"  id="left"  click="moveLeft(),goBack()" />
           <mx:AddChild position="lastChild">
                <mx:Canvas id="pv3dCanvas" y="262" width="630" height="303" borderColor="#110101" backgroundColor="#841414" alpha="1.0" backgroundAlpha="0.57" horizontalCenter="0">  



      Well , I have that screen :



      And when i put the carousel in my main state ( '' ) it works properly :



      And I wonder why ... The code is the same ....


      Thank You !