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    how to use server side logging?

    ecchuckles Level 1

      good day,

           I'm trying to use the lcds logging within a java remote object and I can't seem to get it to print out here is what I've got so far

      in the java class:


      mport flex.messaging.log.*;
      import flex.messaging.util.*;



      public static final String LOG_CATEGORY = LogCategories.SERVICE_REMOTING;




      if (Log.isDebug()) {
                  Log.getLogger(LOG_CATEGORY).debug("UpdateXML propFIle ="+ propFile);


      and ithe services-config.xml:


              <target class="flex.messaging.log.ConsoleTarget" level="All">
                      <prefix>[LCDS] </prefix>


      I've been following the hibernateAssembler examples that came with lcds, what do I doing wrong.