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    Transition effect not appearing for custom components




      I've been working around transitions between states in Flex 4 and found that it won't work with custom components.


      What I have is an application with 2 different states. Each state contains one of the custom components.

      When I press the button to switch between states it just toggles my components, but does not any transition effects (crossfading here).


      Could anyone suggest my mistake?


            <s:CrossFade     id="crossfade" duration="1000" 
                             targets="{[LoginScreen, UserRegistrationForm]}"/>
            <s:State name="loginState"/>
            <s:State name="registerState"/>
            <s:Transition id="transition" duration="1000" effect="{crossfade}"/>
       <s:Group   verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0" height="419">
           <comp:LoginScreen     id="loginScreen_comp"
                                 y="176" x="0"
           <comp:UserRegistrationForm id="userRegistrationForm_comp" 
                                        y="176" x="0"