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    Cannot add image to my artwork without picking up transparency on background


        I have worked  on a brochure template and added or placed live trace, line drawing files onto a background colour , used multiply in transparency panal, and faded them. They went on to background as transparent to blend into background colour.That was fine. But now I'm ready to bring over images from PS and place on this same background partially covering over the line drawings as they simulate an old manuscript background. But when I placed my image over the drawings covering the background they are showing through my image file. I tired place and then copy and paste to get them there. I do not want the background to  through this time. I thought it may be my image and the transparency layer  used to make a ragged edge  frame so went back to photoshop and dragged out a transparent layer. NO change in placing the image. Went back to PS and flattened the file. No change in image. So now think it is the transparency of the drawing files already on the background. How do I get the images to place onto the background in their solid colours and not show the under lining background through them?