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    Layer id to component id in Flex


      For designers is imperative to give individual names to layers, the thing is that these "names" in Flex continue as layer ids instead of being used as component ids (which would cut ALOT of work!!!). Please! Change this!!!!!

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Joana,


          I understand the request, but I don't understand the motivation. Could you elaborate? What work would this save?



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            JoanaBCunha Level 1

            Well it would help save time in the development stage just by allready exporting components ids that can be used by Flex, instead of having to create from scratch the ids. I found this helpfull because i'm working with a developer and he noticed that, as every good designer, my layers have a logical naming that he could use as components ids IF Flex could use the layer's id as a component id (since the component in FC ocuppies a layer that I name specificly. If Flex could use the "search and change key words" to search for the layer's ids and automatacly change them to component's ids it wouldn't matter, but since Flex doesn't do that, and since every great FC project has to pass through Flex....

            The point is that instead of having the both of us entering ids it would only be necessary for me to do it.


            Or at least have a Flex transition window where i could, in FC, atribute the id i want to the component.

            If i've not made myself clear i'm not talking about a generic component as you can se in the library. What i'm talking about is, for example, if I had 3 main buttons, all from the same component, in different layers (of corse), and if i named those 3 layers as "home_bt", "contacts_bt" and "faq_bt", when the project got imported to Flex, Flex would recognize the layer's ids as being each duplicate component's id in Flex....


            I hope you understood me. My guess is that you guys are trying to make FC as a softer flash for non-flash users/ designers, and Flex as the developers tool, separating the too worlds that today are a bit mixed, demanding programing skills for designers and designing skills for programmers....my guess is that this is a pertinent issue in the separation of these two worlds....and me, as a designer, can help in the developing stage better and faster

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              acath Level 4

              Hi Joana,


              I completely understand. Thanks for the elaboration.


              We actually have considered this particular issue (should we make it easier/automatic to assign IDs in FC). There were a number of design challenges associated with doing that, so we simply decided to punt on it for the first release. There is no hard reason we wouldn't add it in the future.


              Thanks for your input. If you haven't done so yet, make sure to post this to the ideas site:





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                As a programmer in builder, how am I supposed to find and work with buttons, lists, etc that come from the interaction designer in catalyst?


                Actually catalyst assigns autogenerated IDs.... list2, button1, group1.... but this IDs are not very descriptive and are subject to change, as they are automatic.


                Thank you